Photo Credit: ROBERT DeBERRY/Frontiersman
Photo Credit: ROBERT DeBERRY/Frontiersman

What We Value At Evangelo's

At Evangelo's Restaurant we value family, home, community and food. As a family run restaurant operating Wasilla, AK for the past 30 years we have strived to have every guest feel at home in our restaurant.  Alaska is our home and the people we serve our are family. This is reflected in every dish we put out, every glass of wine we pour, and every table set.  Welcome to our restaurant, welcome to our home.

Our Story

Evangelo and Diana Lambernakis came to Alaska from Greece in 1981. In 1985, they founded Evangelo's Restaurant in a tiny location in Wasilla.  As immigrants from Greece, Evangelo and Diana wanted to brink their childhood love of food and hospitality to the Far North.  For thirty years Diana and Evangelo have worked in the kitchen with their staff to prepare good Mediterranean home cooking. They were ecstatic when they were able to open their larger facilities in 2001 to accommodate their growing customer base. Not every day has been easy, but every day brings them the satisfaction that they have built a common place for people to come, enjoy good food, and good company.