Welcome to Our Restaurant

A restaurant is a place you go to treat yourself, to be taken care of, to be excited about food.  At Evangelo's Restaurant, we have always worked to bring a sense of home in our kitchen, food, and dining experience.  Evangelo's is a taste of our Mediterranean home.

We hope you enjoy.


Taste of the Mediterranean Evangelo's Restaurant


A light salad with a sandwich can go a long way to making your workday better. If you need to impress a client or take an old friend out to lunch consider Evangelo's exclusive lunch menu that features sandwiches, wraps, and salads. 



Start with fresh hand-dipped calamari, transition to our house made minestrone made with love, dig into a taste of home with veal-stuffed cannelloni florentine, and finish with our delicate tiramasu.  Intrigued? 



Looking for an easy dinner-fix? Let our pizza delivery service come to you, or grab a take-out dinner.  Perfect for families on the go or a late night at the office. We deliver pizza within five miles of Evangelo's.